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Value for your wHole Life
Alumni from every country…

..assemble. We are adding more substance to the VHL alumni policy. Of course there are the activities of our associations, but the general alumni policy is becoming tangible and useful too. An example is the increasing number of alumni registering for and communicating through LinkedIn, for example. The discussions there are useful – in terms of content, but also directly for business.
After all, every alumnus or alumna is bound to ask him or herself the question: what do I get out of staying in touch with my old university of applied sciences? And the answer that is becoming ever louder is that, alongside the offering of courses, lectures, special days, etc. mutual contacts generate business. It is always interesting to see how our former students are conquering the world, what they are doing and where they have ended up. And if the alumni network leads to mutual collaboration, then the alumni policy has achieved its goal. VHL itself can use that network to request internship places or to call for people to sit on study field advisory committees, to speak or to contribute to lectures. Mutual interest is a great thing. And NETWORKING, the most important activity in every professional field, can only benefit. So, alumni of VHL, assemble...

Hans van Haeren
Head of Training & Courses

Up for debate

Every issue will feature a proposal that we would like you to respond to via LinkedIn. Haven’t got around to joining the LinkedIn platform for graduates and final-year students of VHL yet? Sign up via this link.

Biography: an effective form of study development counselling!

Students are faced with so much information that it can be hard to see the connections and learn what is and what is not important for your life and career. After all, you only get one chance, and you can't practice your career: ‘for life there is no dress rehearsal’.

In order to illustrate how choices and steps are taken in real life, it is helpful to see more stories of careers as a supplement to your regular studies. How might you go about that? There are various possible ways. You could read a relevant biography every academic year, for example by someone who did the same programme you are doing. Other role models are suitable too. And you could discuss this in a study development counselling class (book review). Interview an alumnus and discuss this in class or invite an alumnus for a classical interview.

In this way, you are making use of your heroes' career histories and you do get a little ‘dress rehearsal for life’.

Perhaps you have a suitable career history as an alumnus to share with students of VHL. If so, please contact our alumni officer, Wendelien Ordelman.

Focus on the real world!

One of the priority areas in VHL's new education concept is 'focus on the real world'. As part of this, students are getting more closely involved with the professional field: by performing real assignments for real customers, going off-campus or forming communities with people from the professional field. For students, this means that they are confronted with more uncertainties (real assignments always bring surprises with them and do not always fit within the educational template); for the professional field it means putting time and energy into working with students and lecturers. What do you think?

What do you, student or alumnus, think of these ideas? Join the discussion on our LinkedIn platform

News from VHL: national and international

VHL combines forces at international campus in Velp

Over the past months, VHL has been considering the issue of housing the degree programmes delivered in Wageningen. This has been prompted by the growing number of first year students at Wageningen University, resulting in a lack of space in the Forum building.

After careful consultation with Wageningen UR, the Management Board of VHL has found a suitable solution. The intention is to relocate VHL's Wageningen-based programmes to its Velp site from the 2015-2016 academic year. This will leave the Forum building completely free for students of Wageningen UR.

New name for Rural Innovation programme
The Rural Innovation programme at the Leeuwarden site will shortly be getting a new name. Together with HAS Den Bosch, Inholland and CAH-Vilentum, we have been looking for a more appealing name for the degree programme. The new name 'Management of the Living Environment' has been chosen at national level. The name will be implemented at all universities of applied sciences in the 2014-2015 academic year. In its information to secondary schools, VHL is continuing to promote the major name 'Applied Geography'. You can find more information about the current programme here .

Training & Courses
Part-time Master's in Project and Process Management

Time for better and more efficient processes
In November, the part-time master's in Professional Project and Process Management starts again. This unique degree programme is aimed at improving your personal development, strategic thinking, vision and leadership. It will give you a better grip on your project and process management competencies. VHL maintains intensive relations with the professional field in order to ensure that this programme is as up to date as professional practice itself. The knowledge you gain during the degree programme can be directly applied to your work. For more information and the complete range of courses provided by VHL Training & Courses, look here.


Dairy School reunion
On Friday 21 November, a reunion will be held at VHL in Leeuwarden: 110 years of Good Food, from Dairy School to Life Sciences & Technology. If you would like more information, please send an e-mail to

Alumni association VVA, Velp

Excursion to Kustwerk Katwijk on 7 November. Look here for more information

Alumni association Aristaeus, Leeuwarden
For the latest news, see

Alumni Elections 2015, Leeuwarden
Are you a graduate of VHL University of Applied Sciences in Leeuwarden and would you like to put yourself forward as a candidate for the alumni elections of 2015? Get in touch with As an elected alumnus, you will be involved in all kinds of activities at the school you graduated from and you will come into contact with the latest knowledge and insights, fellow graduates, and students! You can also introduce yourself at the Careers Day 2015 by holding a short pitch


LinkedIn is now open to first and second-year students too!

Are you a first or second-year student and do you want to get in touch with third and fourth-year students and graduates? Then register for the LinkedIn platform for alumni and students of VHL. First and second-year students can now also become members of the network and get in touch with alumni and other students. If you would like a personal appointment to help you get in touch with alumni, send an e-mail to

Graduated... but still thirsty for knowledge?

Come to the multi-media centres at Van Hall Larenstein! After you have graduated you can still use the multi-media centres in Leeuwarden and Velp, and the library at Wageningen University – both the physical and the digital collection.

You can access the catalogues via Mediatheek Van Hall Larenstein (in Dutch only). All it takes is a click of the mouse to read digital books, journals or articles from the comfort of your own home or at work. You can pick up actual books at the multi-media centres or you can have them sent to you. The opening times of the multi-media centres are posted on the website. They are also open in the evenings.

Greeni - library of the green universities of applied sciences is the new website of the cooperating libraries of the green universities of applied sciences. This website is online now:

Did you know

First prize VHL for 'Mobile place making'

The 'green caravan' of VHL University of Applied Sciences won first prize in the category Mobile place making of the European project Lively Cities. The award was handed out during the closing congress of Lively Cities. The third and second prize were for the projects in La Louvière and Aberdeen.

For more information on this or other subjects, please look here.

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