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Value for your wHole Life
Friends for life...

I’m a happily married man in my fifties, but I still reserve a weekend every year to spend time with friends from my student days. My friendship with one person from that group even dates back to primary school. We are certainly more subdued and less boisterous than 30 years ago (nearer 35 I’m afraid), but we still share a strong connection and a sense of comradeship.

Some of us have no contact with each other for a year at a time. But every time we meet we soon slip back into that familiar esprit de corps. Sincere and warm, a perfect example of true friends enjoying time together.

The discussion topics are more mature than they used to be and our arguments are more subtle. We have also stopped consuming large quantities of cheap beer and now savour some good wines instead. And we no longer get up with the lark.

Apart from that, everything is pretty much the same. We know each other’s quirks and bugbears and how the group dynamics work. It’s all so wonderfully familiar, a rich legacy from university days long gone.

I am sharing my experience of this warm annual tradition in my introduction to this e-newsletter because I believe that the bonds that people form are one of life’s treasures. With a bit of maintenance these bonds can last a lifetime and lead us to deeper levels of insight and maturity.

Hans Broeder, Director of Services


Relocation of the VHL Wageningen location to Velp
Due to the growing student population at Wageningen University and shortage of learning spaces that has arisen in the Forum building, VHL University of Applied Sciences has examined alternative housing for the Wageningen VHL study programmes. In July 2014 it was decided to relocate these programmes to the VHL location in Velp starting in the 2015-2016 academic year. Considerations that played a role in this decision included the available space in the VHL building in Velp and the goal and possibilities to create an international study-environment together with the Arnhem-Nijmegen University of Applied Sciences (HAN).


Acknowledgement - what to watch out for
When you write your final thesis (or another report, book, etc.) you are obliged to document the sources you used in a proper way. Referring to sources can be done in different ways. As an aid to making a list of references, the American Psychological Association published rules on how references should be listed. The APA guidelines are now being used by many universities, colleges and other institutions, including VHL.

So it is very important that you are aware of these rules and that your list of references is drawn up in accordance with these rules. On our library website you can find information about the APA guidelines with clear examples. Also you will find an overview of frequently asked questions about the APA rules, also with many clear examples. Both websites are in Dutch, but the examples might be helpful anyway. Take it to your advantage!
If you still have questions, do not hesitate to come to the library. Both in Velp and Leeuwarden is a specialist of the Copyright Information Point.

Graduated but still thirsty for knowledge?
Come to the multi-media centres at Van Hall Larenstein! After you have graduated you can still use the multi-media centres in Leeuwarden and Velp, and the library at Wageningen University – both the physical and the digital collection.

You can access the catalogues via Mediatheek Van Hall Larenstein (in Dutch only). All it takes is a click of the mouse to read digital books, journals or articles from the comfort of your own home or at work. You can pick up actual books at the multi-media centres or you can have them sent to you. The opening times of the multi-media centres are posted on the website. They are also open in the evenings.

Greeni - library of the green universities of applied sciences is the new website of the cooperating libraries of the green universities of applied sciences. This website is online now:

Activities Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences, location Leeuwarden

Educational ‘Food for Thought’ project catches on
Numerous nutrition and healthcare activities are being developed in the north of the Netherlands under the auspices of the Centre of Expertise for Healthy Ageing Feike van der Leij and Anna Maaskant have written an article about them.
Since 2013 the Health, Food & Technology innovation workplace in Leeuwarden has been engaging in technological research and working on an educational project called 'Food for Thought'.
Anna Maaskant from Food & Biobased Research at Wageningen UR, and Feike van der Leij, lecturer in Health & Food at VHL, have co-authored an article on the activities developed to date by the Centre of Expertise for Healthy Ageing. Among the topics addressed by the article are malnourishment among old people, food stimuli, and 'healthy eating – a true sport'. Read the full the article. The article was published previously in Food Hospitality (courtesy of Food Hospitality).
You may also like to read: Veel animo voor Olympische Speeltuin in Leeuwarden (Great enthusiasm for Olympic playground in Leeuwarden).

Dutch Dairy Chain
Food and dairy products are high on the global agenda. Here at WUR, we must press on with development and innovation programmes to meet the ever-growing demand. Key players from the public and private sector and the field of education are pooling their strengths in a project called the Dutch Dairy Chain which will help to address the mounting need for well-trained staff at all levels. Dutch Dairy Chain will ensure that sufficient talent and quality are available for future needs.

The new Dairy Technology minor
Friesland must be placed more firmly on the map as a dairy province. Not just because dairy has been such an important export for decades, but also with a view to the many employment opportunities that will emerge in the dairy sector in future.
Shortly, LS&T Leeuwarden will be introducing a new minor in Dairy Technology to teach students how to develop sustainable, effective and safe processes for the production of top-quality dairy products.
With well-trained technologists in dairy processing we can make sure that the Netherlands stays at the cutting edge of the dairy industry and help to solve the worldwide shortage of experts at the same.
Students who sign up for the Dairy Technology minor will explore a wide array of issues such as:

-          How do dairy products make their way to the supermarket shelves?
-          How should dairy products taste?
-          How should powders that form a basis for dairy products dissolve?
-          What safety and sustainability issues need to be considered?

The final production process must deliver dairy products that meet the sustainability criteria and food safety standards. It must also be cost-efficient (not too expensive), as well as energy-efficient. Students will also learn about milk components (protein, fat, enzymes and minerals) and the reactions of micro-organisms during the production process. That kind of knowledge is crucial since dairy products are also used as ingredients in other products such as bread and beverages. At the end of the minor the students will be able to develop and implement a plan for high-quality applied research.

If you’d like to find out more about the Dairy Technology minor e-mail Peter de Jong,
lecturer in dairy processing technology.


LinkedIn is now open to first and second-year students too!

Are you a first or second-year student and do you want to get in touch with third and fourth-year students and graduates? Then register for the LinkedIn platform for alumni and students of VHL. First and second-year students can now also become members of the network and get in touch with alumni and other students. If you would like a personal appointment to help you get in touch with alumni, send an e-mail to

Did you know...

• The first brick will soon be laid for the Dairy Campus.
• The practical course on landscape ecology, on the relationships between landscape, soil, water and vegetation starts on 23 April!
• The course on groundwater hydrology and dewatering starts on 15 April!

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